2019 Tesla Model Y

After Model X, fans of electrical Tesla vehicles are expecting a new crossover. The company has major plans for future. After the 2019 Tesla Model Y, we will see a brand-new roadster. The last piece of the puzzle will be a pickup. With it, the United States company will complete the revolution in automotive industry. Nevertheless, the primary factor for Model Y crossover is the price of its predecessor. So, this one is going to be smaller sized than Model X, as well as less expensive. This news are excellent for lovers that couldn’t manage the previous SUV.

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2019 Tesla Model Y Drivetrain Specs

Besides the platform, the 2019 Tesla Model Y is going to borrow a drivetrain from Model 3. Total output will be similar. A rear-wheel mounted engine produces 250 horses and 320 pound-feet of torque. A 3-phase, 6-pole units are excellent enough for this kind of vehicle. Nevertheless, there will be alternatives in power of these batteries. Smaller one will have capability of 50 kW, while the bigger one is 75 kW. Without a recharge, the 2019 Model Y will go 350 miles.

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2019 Tesla Model Y Drive System

The highlight of the 2019 Tesla Model Y will be a self-governing drive system. This feature is being utilized in more vehicles nowadays. Naturally, Tesla is leader in this segment. It is likewise couple of steps ahead of competition. The self-governing drive enhances safety. It is dependable and self-driving is now much better than ever. Some things we couldn’t picture a long time back are now normal. The new 2019 Model Y will have the ability to park alone. It is not a surprise with a system supported by 10 cams and sensors that has series of 250 meters.

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2019 Tesla Model Y Release Date and Price

According to the latest news, the 2019 Tesla Model Y will be out late in 2019. These word are originating from the CEO Elon Musk. He is sure that whatever is going inning accordance with plan, and fans do not have to worry about this model. The Model X is going to be nearly 10 percent less expensive than before. The Model Y is smaller sized SUV, so its rate will be below $70,000. We can expect it to settle in between $60,000-65,000.

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